Hack Night Lancaster REBOOTED!

The hands on monthly programming meet-up

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Hack Night's New Goal

Create a hands on programming meetup in Lancaster open to everyone regardless of programming language or skill level.

Hack Night's New Format

Each month the meetup organizers will select one programming practice problem. Attendees will split into two or three person groups based on skill level and programming language knowledge. These groups will pair program together to complete the programming problems. After an hour or so groups may share their solutions.

When forming groups more experienced attendees should try to pair with less experienced programmers. This allows less experienced programers to learn from more experience programmers, whether they are just learning programming in general or if they are trying to learn a new language.

Attendees with similar skill levels may also pair to build experience working with different people with different perspectives.

One or two additional programming problems will be provided, but the groups will be expected to start with the same problem. The additional problems will be available for groups that finish the first problem early.

After about an hour or so, each group may share their solution to the problem. This way everybody gets to see different solutions in their language or other languages.

To start, programming problems will be chosen from Exercism.io. Problems are available in many languages and they come with test suites to aid the development process. Other problem sources will also be considered.

Hack Night's Inspiration

The inspiration behind this meetup is to create a combination of Exercism.io: Crowd-Sourced Code Mentorship and Programming Languages I’ve Been Meaning to Try But Haven’t Gotten Around to Yet (PLIBMTTBHGARTY). Exercism.io provides test driven programming practice problems that can be uploaded to the website for peer feedback. PLIBMTTBHGARTY provides a meetup format for people who are interested in learning new languages to work together as they learn.

Hack Night's Code of Conduct

To be based on the Conference Code of Conduct.

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We have created a survey to measure the community’s interest in this new format. Thank you for your feedback!

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If you have any question please contact Scott Savage at snsavage@gmail.com.